~We Walk on Water~

~We Walk on Water~

Sanity’s smile
A long lost counter part to my red wine lips
Anchored down by a force so strong
It bends my elbow back and forces a crooked spine
Blanketed by dust remains from your cremated bones
Comforting me yet
Diamond smile – but by creation only
Quick to falter as I make the wrong choice

What a masterpiece I have created in my soul’s foliage
It is shaped of stars with scented breezes
Your name whispered through as the wind pulled me back
Centered in a foreboding moment

Because I hear you

You call me to where you are… and I still remember it
Soothing spring to my raging tsunami

No moments silence for the bright sun that lay across this sea
Reflections of a peace that truly does pass all understanding
Because I am what image you are

You are
What is the deepest image of me(?)
I still have yet to know


Down on bended knee
As my bluest aqua blue
Reminds me of a bitter truth

I must change




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2 Responses to ~We Walk on Water~

  1. That’s so beautiful and it touched me. I believe you follow me on twitter so will give a follow back 🙂

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