~Honey Laced Pages~

One Shot Wednesday @ One Stop Poetry



We tell a tale together
With our fingertips

We sketch out passions dance

Your imagined smell on my pillow
Tracing rhythmic glimpses
No desire left unsaid

Your language whispers down
The back of my neck
Too lovely to paint with my words

I hear you just the same
As your tongue traces out

The desire in my name

Your fire tastes of honey
Filling in this moment
From my needed space

To yours

Still we collide through these pages
I’m so lost in you

And this

Intoxicating place
You put me in
Reaching out to you with my paper
Biting you with my pen

Loving what is placed before me
While your heart runs through my fingers
And my soul drips to your toes
My ache for your lips

Won’t seem to let me go

I imagine our waters endless
Fighting through a distance
That this life demands
My words beat my desire

Resting in your hands

I swallow your gripping motion
Stretching far beyond this skin
Reflecting our brief moments

With each new line

We begin again

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23 Responses to ~Honey Laced Pages~

  1. betweenhearts75 says:

    Very well written, beautiful passionate words! 🙂 ~April

  2. Art Rosch says:

    Lovely poem, lucky muse. Everything in your blog reveals an unselfish heart.

  3. perlygates says:

    beautiful, passionate.

  4. marousia says:

    Lovely writing – passionate and erotic – I especially like the line “Biting you with my pen”

  5. Chris G. says:

    A lovely bit of writing you’ve shared with us today, and the ending note, delightful:

    “I swallow your gripping motion
    Stretching far beyond this skin
    Reflecting our brief moments

    With each new line

    We begin again”

    Passionate and heartfelt.

  6. dustus says:

    Each line is indeed a new beginning, Jessica. Very passionate poem with lyrical flow. The desire in the lines fits the image well.

  7. Monty says:

    you’ve outdone yourself, jess. love it. and especially those last lines, we get up and start all over again. touched me 🙂

  8. Reflections says:

    Passionate piece beautifully composed. Powerful depth here.

  9. Claudia says:

    oh i loved the soul dripping to your toes..and what a beautiful pic to go with these sensitive lines

  10. This piece is so tactile and sensual, blood-feelings coursing their way onto the sweet page.
    Wishing you a wonderful New year!


  11. Steve Isaak says:

    Sensual, slow-mounting heat to this. Effective.

  12. inkdoesflow says:

    This poem is so beautiful, it does truly feels like honey on your lips when you say it aloud. I love it!

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