Twitter & My Shedding Skin

I was very resistant to joining Twitter.  It seemed pointless, intimidating and frankly a bit stupid.  Who the hell wants to write what they are doing in 140 characters and what mindless ass wants to listen?  In this age of reality TV and our pathetic resistance to voyeurism… we all apparently give a shit.

I am actually new to Twitter.  Joined in august for my work and one for my personal account.  I didn’t use my personal account much.  I decided in September to make an effort as the real me and as the writer/poet.  Unclear as to what types of communities are on Twitter, I put myself out there.

Now, I am no stranger to writing communities or writing in general.  I have consciously put my words to paper since I was 10 and lived a life around that ever since.  My bio on Twitter holds every ounce of truth, sums up my writing life, and passion for poetry.  I have also been a part of a poetry community since 2005.  Wonderful souls and groups of all ages.  Tends to go through phases of a younger crowd, but has a good mix and great leaders.  There is some awesome talent on there I could recommend, and I would encourage everyone to check out the site.

I digress… back to Twitter.  I truthfully didn’t know what I was in for.  The writing community on Twitter is GINORMOUS.  From publishers to authors, to aspiring writers.  Twitter is an untapped community for whatever you want/need to be a part of.  The power of the #hashtag can get you going with whatever your hobby or fetish may be.

Here I sit, a month or so later and am totally transformed and in love with Twitter.  The people amaze and inspire me. I have found a love for MicroPoetry (impact in 140 characters) and more than all this, I have found like minded and loving people. Yes, there are people behind those short outbursts and smart ass remarks.  People from every walk of life and in every situation. Amazing people I might add.  You will have to filter through a lot of shit that Twitter attracts, but it is worth it.  You find Gems in that pile, and those babies sparkle.  I laugh, smile, even gasp daily at some of the things that people say… that people feel.  It is an experience and really an honor to be that close to someones thoughts – when 10 years ago we never would have that chance.  Twitter brings us closer and can bring you joy if you let it.

I have some lovely lovers on Twitter.  I can’t mention them all but I will mention a few and add their links to the Community Page on this blog. I have so many more, but I would be here all day if I wrote them all.  I truly do love you tweeps! Let me know if you want to be added to my community page!

@GPWriter Blog: Monogamy Sucks (adult content – beware) & Backyard Poetry

@fitwithjessica Website:

@Future4Fina Blog: Future4Fina

@PoeticHeart34 Blog: Betweenhearts75

@Thinking2hard13 Blog: Thinking Too Hard

@roseplums Blog: The radish has bloomed into a roseplum?

@guncai Website: Children are the Future

@hadassah_Fey Website:

@touchedbys Website: Shadow Harmony

@soulverbs Blog: My Soul Whispers (adult content – beware)

@Beeros75 Blog: Bruises of the soul…

@Roni_fei Blog: Soul Excavation

@FitInMyHeart Blog: Fit In My Heart

@JamieBerry Website:




And so many more!  If I missed you, it is not because I don’t love you and would be happy to add you to my community page!  Let me know.

Dear Twitter,
Thank you for opening a new world to me. A world of people and opportunity.  I shed my skin over and over again with my poetry, now I have another venue to leave my remains.

Poetry is my heart, anchors my soul and documents my journey.

With Love,

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11 Responses to Twitter & My Shedding Skin

  1. EdjoFrank says:

    Hey Jessica,
    Thanks for inviting to your community place on your blog. I am honored if you accept my name.
    Today I finished in manuscript form 2 larger poems in Dutch language that I hope to publish in the near future. I agree with you on your feelings and experience with twitter. It is inspiring but at the same time I feel that I must free myself now and then and concentrate on the core creation of poetry writing without the quick and temporary character of twitter.
    Wish you all the best and a lot of inspiring and grateful writing experiences.

  2. Future4Fina says:

    The joy of being able to reach across the world (via Twitter) is that we reach into the lives of amazing people.

    I’m so glad we’ve found each other, love!

  3. betweenhearts75 says:

    ♥ You are very very appreciated and love your micropoetry too!!♥ There is a lot of sadness, upset, pain, hurt, tragedy in this world, and honestly it has taken me a LOT to get to a certain point in my life to even write of romance, love, passion. ~ Been through a lot, still have some rough moments, but, no matter how bad the experience, I think it’s important not to give up on the true person within…the heart. (although sometimes my mind can argue with the heart, lol!)
    ♥ ♥ ♥ HUGE HUG♥ ♥ ♥ Thank YOU! ~April

    • April~
      First thank you. You have such a kind heart and I see it in your words and your pictures. Thank you for sharing your soul and pieces of you. They are received with compassion and caring. You are loved. Keep sharing and I will keep reading. One of many inspired by you.

  4. thinkingtoohard13 says:

    Some genius once said that Facebook is where you connect with the people you went to school with. But Twitter is where you connect with those you wish you went to school with. It’s amazing how like-minded folks find each other there. Thank you for including me. You’re an incredible talent. And I hope to see your work at soon, too 🙂

    • Or even… Facebook is where you lie to everyone you know and Twitter is where you tell the truth to everyone you don’t know! Love that one too, and girl I love you! Can’t wait to get your book & I will submit I promise. =)

  5. WOW, Jessica… You just MADE MY DAY!!! I was NEVER a social media girl. I’ve never even been in a chat room. BUT TWITTER GOT ME!!! A couple of years ago, I decided to see what all the “Talk” was about on Twitter. I didnt really get it at first. I followed a few stars (Because I didnt know anyone else on Twitter) I “met” a cool girl from NYC (I did my residency there) She gave me a Follow Friday Shout out and it took off from there. I AM ME!! I have met a few of my “Tweethearts” and I look forward to meeting many more! I LOVE to LOVE and I Keep it POSITIVE!!! I love that you refered to us as “Lovely Lovers” Because that is what I try to be!! Ok, My nurses are giving me the EVIL EYE because I have patients waiting!! Thanks again, Jessica for Including me!! You ARE one of My #TwitterVIPTweethearts FOR SURE!!!!
    Living, Loving, and Laughing OFTEN….

  6. Soulverbs says:

    To be included on a list with so many wonderful artist of the mind’s eye is truly remarkable. I’ve read some of these poets and I can truly say I am humbled, for I am not worthy. The spoken word, prose, poetry, fiction, and erotica is an awakening of dormant soul. Thank you for gracing my mind with your thoughts, and brushing my soul with your love.

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