I Could Tell You Stories By: Rebecca Tsaros Dickson

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Twitter: @thinking2hard13
Blog: Thinking Too Hard


Rebecca is a talented writer with a lot going on!  She is the new Editor-in-Chief at Indie Ink, has a very successful and entertaining blog: Thinking Too Hard and most exciting, she has a book coming out on November 1st!  You can pre-order your copy of I Could Tell You Stories today!

Here is a excerpt and a tease from her book!

Between the Lines

My shattered cursive only listens when there’s nothing to hold onto.

But lucky me. I have you, today, and all your offending intentions.

You told me once that all we had was time. Plenty. Later, later, later. The delays that add up to the empty space between breaths.

Perhaps I am someone else’s song. But I used to be the old, dusty road that led to your stream.

You could get gone. But you won’t. I know this. It’s not me you’re worried about. The unfairness is what you despise.

Too bad. It’s my universe now. You had your turn last week.

Oh, that hypnotic glow when I’m in the room? The one that takes your breath? (Yes, I saw that.) I can’t say if it should affect you so. This is not my emotional storm to weather.

If it’s easier, you can keep trying to be guarded until you have nerve damage. We can keep on being together alone. Or, I can teach you things.

I can make you burn hotter than an August moon. It’s actually a hobby of mine, teaching men. I like to put them back together, rebuild their egos.

“Please, takers, take more.”

The truth is my fate almost always suffers in my own hands. It adds to my confusion, like that ridiculously adolescent silent treatment so recently doled out.

Back when I was the Queen of every night, our love was still more meaningless than the sex in our marriage. Maybe you’ve forgotten.

Anyway, I really only have one question before we proceed: Have I’ve ever looked so good without you?


Buy her book as I did & love her as I do.

♥ You Girl!


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2 Responses to I Could Tell You Stories By: Rebecca Tsaros Dickson

  1. jtwhitaker says:

    “Too bad. It’s my universe now. You had your turn last week.”

    it sounds so simple…but so much leads up to it…so much work after…

    i bought the book so i can know the whole story. 🙂 xo

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