Meet George Pappas! Author of Monogamy Sucks

What do you think of when you hear “Monogamy Sucks”? For Author George Pappas, that is his mantra.  Many have a preconceived idea of what this story is about.  This book will take you on a walk through the wild side of erotica with the main character Jake Dalmas.  It is a provocative journey full of taboo pleasures and wild fun.  With that said, we are promised to be amused and amazed by this peek behind a swingers life.  I am very excited for the December 1st release.  In the meantime I was able to pin George down for a few questions:

What was your motivation for this book?

My initial motivation for writing my novel Monogamy Sucks was to explore my own growing dissatisfaction with monogamy and conventional relationships in the mid 1990s, and to figure out the deeper motivations that led to my intriguing journey into the swinging lifestyle in southern California.

I also wanted to challenge and dispel a lot common myths about swingers, swinging, monogamy and fidelity. A lot of the swingers I met are just everyday people who are like you and I. They could be anybody. You probably know a swinger right now. Swingers are not freaks.  They could be your banker, a close friend and even someone in your family. They have mortgages to pay, they work, have families, and go on vacations. The only area where they are different is in their sex lives and how they have decided to explore alternatives outside of society’s norms. I was very fascinated with the people I met in the swinging lifestyle even those that I didn’t care for. They were fearless in a lot of ways that still impresses me.

How much like your protagonist Jake Dalmas are you?

I am not Jake Dalmas if that is what you mean. My book is loosely based on my experiences, but remember this is also fiction and not a memoir or autobiography. I took liberties at times to amp up the humorous aspects of my character Jake Dalmas’ adventures.

Honestly, Jake comes from the darker side of my personality you might say. He says things about monogamy, relationships and women I might think, but wouldn’t say. I believe a lot of men shy away from saying what Jake expresses, but they do think it. That’s what I wanted Jake to be — a loose cannon, but not in a mean way.  Jake does respect women more than one might believe.  Although Jake doesn’t hold back in any way.

That’s why I recently set up set up a Twitter account for my book’s protagonist Jake Dalmas — @jakedalmas — where he talks about his views on sex, relationships and monogamy in real time. I wanted people to separate my character’s views from my own on Twitter. I found out that many of Twitter followers could accept controversial tweets from Jake more than from me.

How instrumental is music in your writing process?

Music is very crucial to my writing process. I have very eclectic tastes from old blues and jazz, to every kind of rock & roll, and modern musical genre you can think of. I also listen to a lot music while I write.

In addition, music plays a key role in my novel. The De facto theme song for Monogamy Sucks is Naughty by Nature’s hip-hop classic from the 1990s “OPP.”  “Are you down with OPP? was the title of my last chapter for a while. I changed it to — “I am down with OPP and so is she” — but later I decided to go with another title instead. Techno music also figures in a sexy chapter when Jake meets an artist on the west side of Los Angeles as it plays in the background while they have sex. The songs such as Prodigy’s “Firestarter” actually provide a humorous commentary on the sexual action during the scene.

There is also another scene later in my novel when Jake visits a swing club and makes reference to a Bob Seger song “Fire Down Below” to describe how everyone at the club — although from different backgrounds — were driven to be there by their own lusts, their mutual “fire down below.” There is also a Prince song reference late in my book, but I don’t want to reveal any more than that about it.  So it is safe to say music inspires all facets of my creative process.

Does Monogamy really suck?

Well, monogamy sucked and still sucks for me. If not, I would have never written a book about it. I am hardly alone in this feeling. A lot of people are struggling with fidelity in their relationships. It seems like every week there’s a new sex scandal of infidelity involving a celebrity. I think it is also reflected throughout our society even if people don’t like to talk about it.  I also feel people are starting to explore other alternatives to the traditional monogamous relationship. I really feel the sexual revolution of the 1960s and 1970s never ended, it just went underground. Now, gradually it is going mainstream.

Do you have another project in the works & will we be seeing anymore of Jake?

I have written another novel and I am in the process of editing it.  This novel has a provocative celebrity angle, but I can’t say much more than that right now. All I can reveal is that it is not directly about the said celebrity and it focuses on the romantic, erotic adventures of a man in his late twenties. So I will be introducing a new and younger character to my literary, erotica world, who I hope to also be the subject of several future books.

I also plan to continue Jake’s adventures. I have already started a sequel to Monogamy Sucks, which picks up six months after where this book ends.  Just a warning. I do plan to turn everything that happened in the first book to Jake on its head in the sequel. I am eventually hoping to turn Jake Dalmas’ erotic adventures into a trilogy of books.

Monogamy Sucks is Available December 1, 2010 through

Lazy Day Publishing

Twitter: @GPWriter
Blog: Monogamy Sucks
Poetry Blog: Backyard Poetry

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