Secret’s silence told, in a rhythmic drum to my ear. A gorgeousness she would hold, for the rest of her years. Moon’s replaced her eyes and stars made up her voice.

Making flowers no one could ever deny.

Melodies from her lips, made horizons fiery gold. Laying ground for future beauty, with the truths that she told.

Her touch healed my skin. I watched my scars disappear. The glow from within – subsided each of my fears. There was magic in her soul. God had given her many gifts.

When she used them, she was full.

And in crowds of thousands, her presence – could never be missed. Her body exuded fire and her soul… only bled, bliss.

A miracle to me.

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38 Responses to SHE

  1. betweenhearts75 says:

    Beautiful Jess….your words fit so well with this song….love dear friend *hugs April

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  3. suzicate says:

    Making flowers no one could ever deny. – love this line…very nice. I had not heard that song until last week when someone else posted it…empowering.

  4. Tracy says:

    Beautiful, resonating words!

  5. Chris G. says:

    Well I’ll admit right up front I’m no Katy Perry fan (hope you don’t hold that against me, Jessica!) but I loved *your* words. Quite inspiring, and certainly moving. Particularly like this line: “Her body exuded fire and her soul… only bled, bliss.” Just a beautiful image to behold.

    • Thank you sweetie. I actually listen to some pretty off the wall stuff that would make you laugh that I listen to some pop too! I hold nothing against you, honored that you read *my* words. ♥♥

  6. Future4Fina says:

    You. are. amazing. I see you in ‘she.’ I see you in everything I do now. I remember how great of a friend I have and how, when my soul bleeds, it’s bliss.

    I love you, dear friend. Don’t ever question or forget that.

  7. Future4Fina says:

    I think I’m printing this out and posting it in my classroom. Are you okay with that?

  8. Vic says:

    Just wonderful!

    It was like you summed an entire personality of “SHE” in the fewest words possible.

    I love it 🙂

  9. Nessa says:

    Very nice. Love the ending line.

  10. shea says:

    You’re words are beautiful as I am sure that you are.

  11. Ted Richards says:

    Wow! Your words are fireworks and I go AH AH AH as my toes curl up in my slippers.

  12. marousia says:

    Beautiful writing – works perfectly and seamlessly

  13. brian says:

    first. i love the song…second your words go so well with it…you describe one that means much not just to you (as can be seen by what you pull out of her here) but to others as well…nicely played…

  14. signed .............bkm says:

    Oh love her soul only bled bliss….. that is being who you really are…nice..bkm

  15. Claudia says:

    yes – your words fit perfect with the song and i loved the…and her soul… only bled, bliss…these lines sparkle..

  16. hedgewitch says:

    I liked “…God had given her many gifts.

    When she used them, she was full….” best, but the moon and stars reference was also quite lovely.

  17. Gay Cannon says:

    This does apply to so many women I have known. Sometimes so calm and demure, so good and caring but when you see their souls the do bleed bliss, and explode in many colors. I am overjoyed by your celebration of woman here! Thanks Jess, Gay @beachanny

  18. Shashi says:

    Dear Jessica

    Its so serene and beautiful.. and with your last line, you made me smile… in bliss…
    “Her body exuded fire and her soul… only bled, bliss.’
    The whole feeling reading this verse was of fulfillness and peace… thanks for sharing…

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya

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