Artist Feature – Tom Breazeale, Photographer

Welcome to my first monthly installment of artist features! You can be featured by submitting HERE. The first of each month I will be highlighting writers, poets, photographers, artists, and their works.

Tom Breazeale Photography

Today’s feature is highlighting fine arts photographer, Tom Breazeale.  Tom was originally  a golf course photographer who has spent the last 25 years either building or photographing courses throughout the world.  His reputation was first established as one of the best shapers in the industry but his passion for photography has taken him full time into the realm of a full service Fine Art photographer.   Tom is well published in most all of the major golf publications around the world and has had his work featured in coffee table books and magazines such as Links, Golf Magazine, Golf Vacations, China Golf, The Asian Golfer and even had several pictures in the 2009 Sports Illustrated Golf Course Calendar and is Jack Nicklaus’s (famous golfer) exclusive overseas photographer.

Over the last ten years Tom has ventured away from golf and began focusing on landscapes, people, and architecture.  His photos go beyond just a person or building,  but capture emotion and beauty with each of his shoots.  His photos are sometimes eerie and sometimes bold – but always gorgeous.

Take a moment to view his truly amazing Travelscapes, Portraits, Weddings, and some of his Interiors/Exteriors, used often for marketing purposes. You will find many other gems on his website Tom Breazeale Photography.







Tom is a full service photographer with the ability to adapt and capture stunning images through his well trained eye and natural gifts.  You can reach him for all of your photography needs at: tom46ph(at)


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21 Responses to Artist Feature – Tom Breazeale, Photographer

  1. Sherry says:

    What a great–and generous–idea and opportunity, Jessica! Blessings!

  2. cabocalla says:

    Wow. The colors in the top pic of the Bali shoreline are fanstastic! Whatever you feature is always quality stuff.

    Off to check out more pics!

  3. Mark says:

    Beautiful work and enough to make me jealous. This is truly an incredible photographer!

  4. Holy Jebuddha, these are gorgeous. What a cool idea! I wish I were more articulate, but the images have left me blown away. Wow.

  5. thinkingtoohard13 says:

    Stunning images. Thanks for showing his work 🙂

  6. brian says:

    very nice…these are great pics…i esp like that last one of the woman….he really captured her…

  7. betweenhearts75 says:

    YOU my dear are awesome doing all of this! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!

  8. betweenhearts75 says:

    And another comment: Absolutely fantastic photography feature of Tom’s work 🙂 The sighs of oooh and ahhhh and of course the awe at the impressions of his work!

  9. Dick says:

    Fabulous pictures. It’s rare to find a photographer equally able to capture perfectly the constituents of a distant landscape and the characteristics of a human face. Thanks for these.

  10. wow, Tom’s work is stunning. I like how he seems to excel equally in landscape and portraiture. And, like me, he clearly loves playing with light.
    I’ll be subscribing to his site. Thanks for this feature Jess.

  11. Oh, the top one is absolutely breath taking! Wow. I especially like the black and white tribal one. Very nice. 🙂

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