Dreaming in Darkness

My poetry compilation Dreaming in Darkness is being released March 2011.  The book will be available in ebook and paperback and published through Willow Moon Publishing.  Below is a list of the places I have been featured or mentioned.  I will also keep a list of current book signings and PR once the book is available.

Dreaming in Darkness Press:

Features and Mentions:

  • Was named one of the 21 Artists to watch in 2011 by the website Skinny Aritist
  • Check out my interview at The Dark Press here from December 13, 2010.
  • On November 26, 2010 I was featured at One Stop Poetry. It was an honor to do an interview and post a few of my works.  One Stop Poetry is a encouraging community for artists and is run by a wonderful group of people.
  • My poem Tragedy’s Room written for a friend of mine Josepf Haslam (@Josepf) during a tough time can be found HERE along with his story.
  • You can find me in the friends section of Junkinhead ‘s blog and also the subject of the blog post:  A Promise to Jess… where Vic humbles me with his words.  You can follow this very sweet man on Twitter: @vyallamelli
  • I feel honored to me mentioned in the the wonderful book “I Could Tell You Stories” by: Rebecca Tsaros Dickson.  You can purchase her book HERE.

8 Responses to Dreaming in Darkness

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  3. betweenhearts75 says:

    Beautiful Jess!!!! So exciting, and as you know, I am here to help support, and also have figured out “Page” resources on my blog, LOL! 😉 Would like to have you there!!! ~April *hugs dear friend! Wonderful!!!

  4. My Dearest… I am so looking forward to having your (signed) book on my night table… and read some of those beautiful words you write before dozing of to sleep…

    Much love to you

  5. signed .............bkm says:

    Congratulations Jess…this is fantastic….sounds like you are well on your way…to a promising future….looking forward to it…bkm

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