Recycling 2010

Someone said to me the other day “What do you plan on doing with your writing?”  Although on the surface it may seem like a bit of an obvious question, it still made me think.  It is the end of the year, so a good time to reflect on what was – and anticipate what will be.

The answer? I don’t pursue fame with my writing.  I am ok with a humble life and would just like to make a living and successfully put food on the table. Fame does not mean you are good at what you do. I know of plenty of famous people who are pretty terrible at what they are famous for.  I want to spend my time honing my craft and being the best I can be at what I do –whatever that may be.

Writing is tough and writers are odd.  We carry around notebooks, we keep odd hours, and we are always picking apart life so we can write about it later.   Many times thinking far too deeply into things and losing sleep because of it.  I have become very involved with my bedroom ceiling and I would really like to learn how to just fall asleep.

Which brings me to New Year’s Resolution #1 – Break up with my ceiling and find a non-medicated (no, I don’t medicate now) way to sleep again.

I spend so much time thinking about what I have done and what I need to do. I fully admit I should take to heart “live for today”  “live in the now”.  I believe this wholeheartedly and hope to learn to let go the chaos of my day and the constant rampaging of my brain.  This is what I would call a downfall of being a writer.

I have been blessed in 2010 although the year has also been quite difficult.  There have been lots of changes and stress. The year did end on a high note. I made a complete commitment to write and once I did, things turned around.  I have a book coming out in March and I am working on my second book which is a natural evolution of the first.  My work and focus has been on poetry.  I am working on a entire prose poetry book.  All will be in the same formatting and general idea as Grief Virus, Love Letter…, Remembering Closure & Heavy Burden.  I discovered I enjoy this way of writing and want to do a complete collection.  I have hopes to write a complete prose Novel.  I have the idea.  I  just need to get the details together and start writing!

Which brings me to New Year’s Resolution #2 – Write a Novel.  Really this time.

My fear of the novel really lies in the “much less subjectivity” of content.  Poetry can defy general grammar, word placement, and content rules. It is more artsy, so it can be more subjective. People may or may not like your style of writing, but can still find appreciation for it. Not that I haven’t read some bad poetry, I have, every day! I have also written my share of bad poetry.  With a novel you have to conform much more to grammar, punctuation, and content flow.  If you are riddled with bad grammar, bad dialogue, and bad sentences, it will turn a reader off quickly. You also need a unique idea in a world of unique and talented people. You have to be different and worth reading.  Nothing is worse than reading a book where you can predict the ending partway through… then you are right.  There is much more to consider when writing a novel with characters and dialogue.  It is all still hopefully a natural evolution for my writing.

And with that… Goodbye 2010

As we all close our eyes and leave 2010 behind us, remember it fondly. Learn and listen to the signs you were given. Even though we move into a New Year, it is still just a new day like any other. Every day should be let go of, and learned from – in preparation for the next.  Love and forgive. Life goes on if you do or don’t and I will go on with or without you… you will go on with or without me – BUT – life is quick, life is short, and we will do much better getting through it together.

Which brings me to the last New Year’s Resolution

Let go

Take my hand and let go with me.




“Listen when… all of this around us – will fall over

Tell you what we’re gonna do

You will shelter me my love

And I will shelter you.” ~ Ray LaMontagne

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The Wonders of One Stop

Have you heard of One Stop Poetry? One Stop is combining the unique talents of American Poets Brian MillerLeslie Moon, Adam Dustus, with British Poet, Pete Marshall, to bring you new and exciting opportunities as an artist.  One Stop – Where Poets & Writers Meet.

Leslie Moon added, “One Stop Poetry wanted to create a community to support the arts. Currently it offers a day for poets to share their current poetry (yes it can be in the working stage). The hope on this day is for poets to get comfortable in showcasing their work and getting some feedback from other writers. That feedback comes in two fashions: one form is in a direct comment the second is in exposure. A large percentage of our poets are seasoned/published writers – the exposure to good writing is invaluable. One Stop also offers writers and artists (something needed for advancement) a platform; a place to be seen. One Stop features poets, writers and photographers weekly.”

Through One Shot Wednesday, Competitions, One Shoot Sunday and Spotlights on featured artists, One Stop Poetry unites poets and writers from all corners of the world to bring their unique talents together.  They constantly prove their commitment to helping you get noticed, and hopefully even published.  One Stop is also a great platform to help hone your skills, meet other poets and learn new styles.

I am constantly reminded of the impact that One Stop has had on it’s readers, participants and myself.  I enjoy reading the beautiful talent that is continually highlighted on the site.  If you have yet to participate in their One Shot Wednesdays or One Shoot Sundays, take the time to familiarize yourself with the process and join in! It is a supportive way to get your work out there.  One Shot also holds Poet and Photographer features, contests, and most recently unveiled their One Shot Wednesday Best of Poetry Anthology in association with Limited Editions Press.

2011 will prove to be continued growth for One Stop Poetry, which will include some exciting plans for the New Year.

Leslie Moon gave me a little insight on what to expect, “In the upcoming year we have additional plans to encourage writers. We will be starting the New Year with a critique site (not open forum). This site will be a place for poets who are serious about their work to get the critique to go to the next level; for many that will be seeking critique in order to publish. Starting this 2011 year One Stop will once a week offer a “poetry class.” This class is intended to be fun and informative. Our hope is that even the seasoned poet will learn new forms of poetry. These classes will be offered each week by teachers seasoned in that particular form of poetry. We continue to hope that One Stop is the place where artists and writers can enjoy writing and the support that community offers.”

Below is some One Stop love from two very talented and active participants of One Stop Poetry.

April was a featured poet at One Stop on August 12, 2010
Emmanuel was a featured poet at One Stop on September 30, 2010
I was also a featured poet at One stop on November 26, 2010

From the Heart of April

Twitter: @PoeticHeart34
Blog: BetweenHearts75

“I have been writing for many years although occasionally falling away due to the emotional course of life.  When I decided to get back on the world-wide web, I ended up at a place for all styles of writing/news/entertainment/ etc. From there came Twitter in an attempt to generate more blog page views.  As a poetry writer, I found myself a bit frustrated, but some gathered friends online were so supportive and encouraging, that I decided to stick with it. I relaxed more and decided not to push quite as much for page views, and get to know others expressing their creative sides.

Then I came across a lovely woman; Leslie Moon. I found her writing to be incredible with its emotional attributes, and her personality sweetly and so easily drew me in. One of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had online was when Leslie invited me to OneStop Poetry.  One stop is for creative writers/artists/photographers as well as poets, for me it is like a treasure chest overflowing with many talents.

On Wednesdays they have many post links to their blogs and websites, and the work is shared and commented on amongst the crowd. This just continues to grow. I’m always in awe as I read, view, and post my own work. I find myself wishing I had more time to read and comment on all of them. The best part is connecting, getting to know, becoming friends, and that extra special likeness that inspires more to each other. I had actually started blogging (at a minimal) and was thrilled with one or two comments once in a while, and now I go to my blog and see far more.  Now I even see familiar faces along with new ones, letting me know how they feel about the work.  I know for many as well as myself, it brings a smile. I’ve come across fabulous writers, so many I can’t possibly list them all!

I absolutely LOVE OneStop Poetry and the many I have met through them. If a reward could be given to a blog that goes beyond the limits of anything standard, they’d have my vote in a heartbeat!”

From the Heart of Emmanuel

A short Story compiling all the one-shot characters

Twitter: @LordEmmanuel
Blog: Lordemmanuel

“In the spirit of Christmas”: A poem for One Shot

Night wins the sky battle
with the Moon posing elegantly.
Me and my Neighbors,
two of the coolest dudes around
sit at my balcony
sipping chilled beer
talking poetry and
observing the photographer outside
taking pictures of the Moon
as well as enjoying
the Christmas carols
softly sneaking from the house
of the beautiful German lady
that lives beside me.
A father’s voice could be heard
across the street
having fun with his boys.
All in the spirit of Christmas.

Thank you One Stop Poetry, for all you do for the writing and artistic community. We love you!

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Bending in Time – Author D.M. Landreneau

It is my pleasure to introduce to you D.M. Landreneau, poet extraordinaire and Author of new release Bending in Time. Ms. Landreneau is most gifted with words.  I discovered her only recently and now wonder how I ever lived without her.  She feeds my soul.

Twitter: @poesravenlady
Website: Poesravenlady

Ms. Landreneau took a few minutes to answer some burning questions for us!

Tell me a bit about the contents of your new book Bending in Time.

Bending in Time is my first published book of poetry and it is a collection of poems inspired by various emotions and states of the mind — from my perspective. They encompass the many facets of love: joy, pain, sensuality, sexuality, hatred, longing, desperation…I could go on and on. I don’t write from the perspective of anyone other than myself and these poems reflect what I have experienced, thus far. I share them with my readers in the hope that they connect with me through these shared feelings and emotions. I want them to be able to identify with me and draw out whatever they might need, for themselves, from my words.

What is your writing process and what inspires you?

I don’t know that my writing process is all that different from any other writer. At times I am inspired by a piece of music, a situation I’m in at the moment, or perhaps one I’ve experienced in my past. But for the most part, I get flashes of images…scenes – if you will, and I immediately have to write the words down. When writing in this way, I can usually write a poem in 10-15 minutes. When I am seriously emotionally involved in a poem, it can take a few minutes, days or weeks. When the emotions are intense, I simply MUST write. It’s cathartic. I have to get the emotion out of myself and onto paper.

Love inspires me. Corny as it may sound, it just does. I think it’s evident in these poems, as they run the gamut from love experienced between a man and a woman, a grandfather and granddaughter, new love, dying love, unrequited love, and even love that is still to come under the guise of fate.

Do you feel like your writing evolves and did creating this book inspire any evolution?

My writing continues to evolve today, as I write based on what I experience. As my life experiences grow and change, so will my writing—at least that is my hope. I guard against falling into a writing rut, writing the same thing over and over, but just changing out the adjectives. I want to write words that move people to tears, to act, to love, to leave, and to remember. In Bending in Time, the reader, more or less, has a front row seat into some of my real life experiences.

What do you feel is an important tip for upcoming writers?

I think new writers, most especially young adults, need to write as a way of preserving their life experiences. Every facet they can capture can help them relive those moments later. One day, when they’re ready, they can revisit and rewrite the experience with a more learned and mature perspective. Writing in this way can heal and refresh the soul.

Do you have any other creative outlets and what is your next project?

Great question! I do not paint. I do not play or compose music. I’m not a big crafter or scrap-booker, but I do love to bake bread—from scratch. I enjoy the whole process…mixing, kneading, shaping, waiting, waiting, waiting, and then baking. The smell that fills my house is so nostalgic and I can’t help but be transported back to childhood. I don’t know if it counts as a ‘creative outlet,’ but it is certainly something I do to relax and rejuvenate my mind.

My next project is a second collection of poems based on my childhood experiences, as seen through adult eyes. It will be a much darker, eye-opening collection. I plan to reveal more of myself in the second book, as I believe that so much of what I experienced during my childhood and adolescence, shaped me into the woman I am today. I look forward to opening up a bit more with my readers.

I am also ‘nursing’ a horror novel, visiting it periodically when I am feeling particularly dark and lastly, I have a screenplay that is approximately ¾ of the way complete. It is a classic western romance, as I think every woman holds a secret fantasy about a handsome cowboy, somewhere out west. If you know me and my work well, then you can safely bet it is full of heated passion and intense drama. I am undecided as to its ending, which is why it has been on the back-burner for a while.

Take a look at the Friends & Authors page to find more about this wonderful writer.

The book will be available at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, & Fictionwise in January.

Purchase Bending in Time today!


Here is a beautiful excerpt from her book. You won’t be disappointed!

Will I Be

The day you slip from this life,
into the next,
I wonder…

Will this world cease to spin?
Will trees still sway in gentle breezes?
Oceans ebb and flow – unending?
Sea shells tumble in the sand at the water’s edge?

Will clouds drift in skies toward some distant place?
Will butterflies dip and rise in the warmth of the sun?
Laughter still ring out from giggling children?
Tall grasses bend to rushing prairie winds?

Will raindrops beat themselves upon the earth?
Will flowers live and die in nature’s perfect rhythm?
Rocks careen from their mountainside dwellings?
Rivers roll and twist over boulders, racing to seas?

The day you slip from this life,
into the next,
I wonder…

Will I be able to swallow air into my lungs?
Will my heart still beat without yours to set the pace?
Will my eyes ever cease their falling tears?

I wonder…
who will I be…
without you?

Bending In Time
COPYRIGHT © 2010 by D. M. Landreneau
First Edition, December 2010
Excerpt appears courtesy of Willow Moon Publishing, LLC


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Grief Virus

I pause in silence. Honoring the fallen that still forge this ground with mystery and memory.  Your vacancy leaves stains permanent and pressing. Questioning – even the questions to ask.

Undoubtedly I doubt my ability to heal, to offer healing – to rise as the correct antidote to this grief virus. It spreads and lingers indefinitely.

The responsibility of maintaining your legacy is a burden I struggle to bear.  I force movements in baby steps. It feels like I need to learn to walk and talk all over again.  All the normal that surrounded me falls deep in yesterdays cavern and refuses to budge.  I don’t ever want to forget you for one moment of my life (her life – his life), now left without you. All the mist that surrounds me in your honor I preserve in buckets – to pass on to every aching body that allows.

Is it enough?

Will the liquid that flows and the rivers that run in your name, ever be enough?

How can I separate the stones to smooth out the good from the bad?

I need for all whispers of you to be only of your glory.  The life you gave, the hope you ensued, the hands that comforted – the dreams you inspired. This I pray for your children and for your children’s children.  So that their memory too, will sing only the songs of joy.

Tragedy’s Room

Today I want to put skin around my words
Turn sentences into limbs
And reach across the seas
Finding my way to your door

My blankets of consoling will never do this moment justice
History has been broken
A tear in life’s time table
“Why” lingers at the footsteps you watched from birth
Hands by your side that can’t seem to bring enough healing

This time

Trouble feels so beyond
What you can mend

Warmth can roam
Beyond our flesh
Far past aching bone
It will make its way back
Where darkness looms
Where loss and heartbreak

Now claim this room

Bows break future moments
Pausing time
Covering moons
Lingering in our present
Floating in the in-between

But hands do breathe volumes
When crashing into tragedies door
Look now and know
What strength they hold
Your grip
Your reach

Barriers breaking as we speak

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The Art of Friendship

November rolls around and the mood changes across the planet. We go into Holiday season and the flashes of Santa and Nativity Scenes fill the media and our rooms. I think this time of year forces us to reflect and therefore become nostalgic. Too many times, even a little blue.  I feel it too. The chaotic schedules and drain of the pocket book leaves even the strongest feeling a bit weak.

A large part of my reflection turns to my friends this year. I think it is because I miss them. I miss the physical contact and the conversation. Moving away from my home town a year and a half ago just naturally brought an obvious physical divide between some old friends and I, but also an emotional one. Sad but so painfully true.

I feel lucky for the amazing new connections I have made this year alone. I have met people who have brought me through some of my own minor shades of blue.  Real, unconditional and faithful friends are hard to find. People come and go way too often and rarely realize what sadness they leave behind.  I admit to growing out of people or just times of my life, but generally it is mutual and just naturally fades out. This is much more preferred than the whirl-wind of self absorbed and predominantly selfish people that find their way in and then out of our lives.

Thank you to my friends who are there, have been there and will be there. Those of you who really know me, know I will do anything for you.

Happy Holidays My Loves!

*I wrote this poem in High School*

Priceless Treasures

Friends are priceless treasures
Cherish them
They are gifts from God
Love them
They are heaven sent
Spend time with them
They are worth the time spent
Take care of them
They are not here forever
Sacrifice for them
They are a priceless treasure

I have used this song before, but I think it is important for everyone to know that they are not alone. This is a sad time of year for so many and a high for suicides. Always be kind and gentle to those around you! You never know where they have been and what battles they have, or may be fighting.  Always  Be Loving!

“Your not alone – I’m with you… I’m lonely too.” ~Mavis Staples

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The aftermath of your deception numbs like snow beneath my bare feet.  My tourniquet of fishing wire brings no relief, but there is freedom in the sound of my skin bruising.  My blood clots in your name.  Your devastation is legendary – as was your romance.

Too many times the path of least resistance was my chosen direction.  Temporary peace from a cracked sky.  Burning page after burning – pre-determined page. I wrote that end long ago. Often I closed my eyes, but I always knew the direction of the wind.  Holding up my finger to test, dipping my toe in to ease my way. I refuse pity even though my wounds are deep.  Running underground and with motions swift – while I am still floundering upstream.

Your language is empty – poverty and earthquake stricken. Broken buildings of your soul lay upon my limbs and I haven’t eaten for days. You manage to always strike quickly with each falling sword of tongue and hand.  I gasp for breath beneath the weight of your heavy but so very empty grasp. I am challenged by your eyes as they attack like daggers. Stumbling upon your back, you pin me up against every wall that stands in your way.


Every wall that looks at you with indifference

Every wall that displays even an ounce of weakness

My hands feel like the biggest barrier to redemption. They keep me here listening to the outside while my true life crumbles within a bubble of my own past, present and put-off future. The morning comes again while the moon has left me here with only what you give.

This Mourning

There was so much you could have given me this morning
A smile
A touch from your sweet lips
The taste of your tongue
I could have been drenched in the ecstasy of your finger tips
Lost within your soulful smile

I should have awoken to the sounds of the morning
Breathing down my side

I was awakened by the leather of your belted words
And the creaking of my stunted heart
No effort for my healing

I am captured in this forgotten mourning
Twisted in this laid out fate
Drunk amidst your desperate mentions

Lost behind a rescue
Too little too late


•You have to go to YouTube to watch the video, but worth it. Hit Play-then watch on YouTube•



Check out: One Stop Poetry

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Day in the Life… of a Swinger

Yesterday you got to know George Pappas alittle bit more! Now you get a quick peek into his new book Monogamy Sucks, out on December 1st through Lazy Day Publishing.  Here is an excerpt from Chapter 3…



October 21

A few days later, a woman who called herself Leilani, left a response to my ad looking to meet.

“I saw your ad. I wanted to know if you wanted to have some fun,” her message went. “I am thirty and curvy. Call me at 555-446-7892.”

I listened to her message a number of times and debated whether I would respond. However, my horniness soon enough overcame my doubts. It’s my typical dilemma, common sense and good judgment vs. lust. It seems like lust always wins out in the end.

October 23

I talked to Leilani on the phone today. She sounded extremely nervous and evasive. I figured this must be her first time doing something like this, but I didn’t ask her. She already seemed anxious enough about it. I didn’t want to put her off.

She told me nervously that she was just looking for some fun, but didn’t elaborate on her definition of fun. I tried to make her feel at ease by reassuring her that I was looking for the same. I asked her what turned her on and she just said pleasure. Leilani wouldn’t talk about her desires or needs at all, and avoided saying anything directly about sex. It was not exactly a hot and sexy conversation.

“What do you look like?” I asked dreading her response.

She admitted she is a big woman weighing about 190 pounds. “Is that O.k. with you?” she added hesitantly.

My heart sank, but what was I going to say? I couldn’t turn her down for that. I’ve always been secretly attracted to fat women. I don’t know why. Maybe because it is such a taboo in a society obsessed with weight and achieving the perfect body. Or maybe I just like the thought of easy pussy from desperate women.

“Sure. I like women of all sizes,” I told her and I wasn’t lying. Really.

Frankly, I have some sobering thoughts about her resembling an enormous Sumo female wrestler or some circus freak and I am considering calling it off.

I am beyond horny though. I have developed permanent blisters on my palms from taking care of myself too much, and I am tired of it. I want to feel the touch of a woman again. My standards will have to be discarded for a night. I can’t wait any longer to get laid. I am drowning in my own cum. Nothing relieves my hungry lusts. I am so bored of jacking off to porn films. It just makes things worse when you’re horny and lonely. That’s hyper reality sex anyway. I mean come on. Where do you find uninhibited women like that in real life that will do everything you can imagine sexually? Isn’t this what my sexual quest was all about, to find those kinds of wild women? Maybe Leilani was one. Who knows? So I am determined to end my dry run.

October 24

The next night I drove to meet Leilani at an ugly brown stucco house located off Santa Monica Boulevard on the outskirts of Beverly Hills.

She told me it is the residence of an elderly woman she is taking care of. Leilani works as a live-in nurse, and her patient was visiting relatives so we had the house to ourselves.

As I walked up the driveway toward the house, a stocky Samoan woman opened the front door and nervously asked me if I was Jake. She didn’t lie on the phone. Leilani is a big woman, and honestly she could have been a Sumo wrestler in training. She is short about five feet tall and I figure weighs more than 200 pounds. She had put her black hair in a bun, which only emphasized her large face and features.

She led me inside the house and into a dimly lit ornately furnished living room. Leilani flashed her smile at me for a moment; quite literally, both of her front teeth had garish gold caps. After seeing that, I had a strong urge to leave. Up close, I also realized she is older than she said on the phone. Wrinkles around her eyes made her appear to be in her late forties maybe even early fifties.

Leilani wore a turquoise dress that was too small for her and her black stockings also seemed out of place on such a huge woman. She kept fidgeting with her dress and appeared uncomfortable.


Want to know what happens next? Purchase Monogamy Sucks by George Pappas on December 1, 2010.  You can find out where to get your copy at Lazy Day Publishing

Twitter: @GPWriter
Blog: Monogamy Sucks
Poetry Blog: Backyard Poetry

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Meet George Pappas! Author of Monogamy Sucks

What do you think of when you hear “Monogamy Sucks”? For Author George Pappas, that is his mantra.  Many have a preconceived idea of what this story is about.  This book will take you on a walk through the wild side of erotica with the main character Jake Dalmas.  It is a provocative journey full of taboo pleasures and wild fun.  With that said, we are promised to be amused and amazed by this peek behind a swingers life.  I am very excited for the December 1st release.  In the meantime I was able to pin George down for a few questions:

What was your motivation for this book?

My initial motivation for writing my novel Monogamy Sucks was to explore my own growing dissatisfaction with monogamy and conventional relationships in the mid 1990s, and to figure out the deeper motivations that led to my intriguing journey into the swinging lifestyle in southern California.

I also wanted to challenge and dispel a lot common myths about swingers, swinging, monogamy and fidelity. A lot of the swingers I met are just everyday people who are like you and I. They could be anybody. You probably know a swinger right now. Swingers are not freaks.  They could be your banker, a close friend and even someone in your family. They have mortgages to pay, they work, have families, and go on vacations. The only area where they are different is in their sex lives and how they have decided to explore alternatives outside of society’s norms. I was very fascinated with the people I met in the swinging lifestyle even those that I didn’t care for. They were fearless in a lot of ways that still impresses me.

How much like your protagonist Jake Dalmas are you?

I am not Jake Dalmas if that is what you mean. My book is loosely based on my experiences, but remember this is also fiction and not a memoir or autobiography. I took liberties at times to amp up the humorous aspects of my character Jake Dalmas’ adventures.

Honestly, Jake comes from the darker side of my personality you might say. He says things about monogamy, relationships and women I might think, but wouldn’t say. I believe a lot of men shy away from saying what Jake expresses, but they do think it. That’s what I wanted Jake to be — a loose cannon, but not in a mean way.  Jake does respect women more than one might believe.  Although Jake doesn’t hold back in any way.

That’s why I recently set up set up a Twitter account for my book’s protagonist Jake Dalmas — @jakedalmas — where he talks about his views on sex, relationships and monogamy in real time. I wanted people to separate my character’s views from my own on Twitter. I found out that many of Twitter followers could accept controversial tweets from Jake more than from me.

How instrumental is music in your writing process?

Music is very crucial to my writing process. I have very eclectic tastes from old blues and jazz, to every kind of rock & roll, and modern musical genre you can think of. I also listen to a lot music while I write.

In addition, music plays a key role in my novel. The De facto theme song for Monogamy Sucks is Naughty by Nature’s hip-hop classic from the 1990s “OPP.”  “Are you down with OPP? was the title of my last chapter for a while. I changed it to — “I am down with OPP and so is she” — but later I decided to go with another title instead. Techno music also figures in a sexy chapter when Jake meets an artist on the west side of Los Angeles as it plays in the background while they have sex. The songs such as Prodigy’s “Firestarter” actually provide a humorous commentary on the sexual action during the scene.

There is also another scene later in my novel when Jake visits a swing club and makes reference to a Bob Seger song “Fire Down Below” to describe how everyone at the club — although from different backgrounds — were driven to be there by their own lusts, their mutual “fire down below.” There is also a Prince song reference late in my book, but I don’t want to reveal any more than that about it.  So it is safe to say music inspires all facets of my creative process.

Does Monogamy really suck?

Well, monogamy sucked and still sucks for me. If not, I would have never written a book about it. I am hardly alone in this feeling. A lot of people are struggling with fidelity in their relationships. It seems like every week there’s a new sex scandal of infidelity involving a celebrity. I think it is also reflected throughout our society even if people don’t like to talk about it.  I also feel people are starting to explore other alternatives to the traditional monogamous relationship. I really feel the sexual revolution of the 1960s and 1970s never ended, it just went underground. Now, gradually it is going mainstream.

Do you have another project in the works & will we be seeing anymore of Jake?

I have written another novel and I am in the process of editing it.  This novel has a provocative celebrity angle, but I can’t say much more than that right now. All I can reveal is that it is not directly about the said celebrity and it focuses on the romantic, erotic adventures of a man in his late twenties. So I will be introducing a new and younger character to my literary, erotica world, who I hope to also be the subject of several future books.

I also plan to continue Jake’s adventures. I have already started a sequel to Monogamy Sucks, which picks up six months after where this book ends.  Just a warning. I do plan to turn everything that happened in the first book to Jake on its head in the sequel. I am eventually hoping to turn Jake Dalmas’ erotic adventures into a trilogy of books.

Monogamy Sucks is Available December 1, 2010 through

Lazy Day Publishing

Twitter: @GPWriter
Blog: Monogamy Sucks
Poetry Blog: Backyard Poetry

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Heavy Burden

Many lay under my wing. Small in stature and large in opinion.  I have lived longer with responsibility in my years, than I have not.  Dependent upon my words, money, caring hands and not always healing attempts. I do know that my hands heal.  I see them glow through my skin as they lay upon your tiny hands.  You inspire me with your eyes while killing me with your innocence.  Your sweet nature is debilitating. Makes me weak… so I give out cookies much more than I should.

I don’t want to fail you. Flaws murmur through my thoughts and bury in my roots. How can I prevent that from crossing over?  When will my mistakes become humorous so that your world can be perfect again? My wings don’t always reach completely around you. I feel so guilty for that. I want to shelter you from every wrongly tossed word and every bite the world attacks you with… but my wings are so heavy.

I am far from perfect – my actions stain my future. My future with you and your hopes of tomorrow. I don’t want to be the destructor of dreams or crush any part of your beautiful reality.  You break me with those arms. Moving me in your direction while I force my supposed “life knowledge” on you.  I think you know more than me.  Closer to God with those eyes, so much closer to Him with your heart.  I wish I would never forget that warmth.  Bits and pieces of truth filter through you and make their way back, to my stream of consciousness.  I am so grateful for what blaring sun you bring and the constant reminder that – we only walk on water.

We Walk on Water

Sanity’s smile
A long lost counter part to my red wine lips
Anchored down by a force so strong
It bends my elbow back and forces a crooked spine
Blanketed by dust remains from your cremated bones
Comforting me yet
Diamond smile – but by creation only
Quick to falter as I make the wrong choice

What a masterpiece I have created in my soul’s foliage
It is shaped of stars with scented breezes
Your name whispered through as the wind pulled me back
Centered in a foreboding moment

Because I hear you

You call me to where you are… and I still remember it
Soothing spring to my raging tsunami

No moments silence for the bright sun that lay across this sea
Reflections of a peace that truly does pass all understanding
Because I am what image you are

You are
What is the deepest image of me(?)
I still have yet to know


Down on bended knee
As my bluest aqua blue
Reminds me of a bitter truth

I must change


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My sweet Twitter friend May Kosba brought this song to my attention after reading my blog. It fits perfectly and is so beautiful!

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Love Letter…

Sometimes my life feels overwhelming.  Not just for the present but also for the past.  As unproductive as it is to let yesterday drain me, it is hard to prevent it from creeping in.  Hard shelled in my skin or guarded in my heart… there is always a door.

I weep to hear the walking wounded – they whisper under their breath – prayers for locked windows and no more revolving doors.  I feel their hurting hearts as they reach to prevent further damage to their already bleeding souls.

I beg for revolving doors.
Pain in: my journey in life
Pain out: to grow and change


I am not who I was – because of this past that sometimes haunts. Yes, I find moments where my back is breaking and my head feels  heavy and burdened.  I am not without my own wounded whispers to the sky.  My head and hands to the ground. Prayers for a road less traveled, but leading finally to a garden of plenty.

I am not who I was – because of you.  Each thread weaving through my structure.  Strengthening moments and equipping me for a brighter future.  I get wound up in words and covered in emotion within our oceanside.  Beneath the sand there is something for each of us.  Buried then, now uncovered.  Shovel in your hand and bucket in mine… we find our treasure.

Darkness presses, but it no longer prevails.  I find closure in my wounds and a new peace in my defeats.  There are hands that reach for me. Pull me to where I need to be. For you I write this

Love Letter…

It sounds like love
That beats our distance away
Rhythm beguiling rhyme
Reason throwing out time

Patching my wounded little heart
Filling the space between

You lover

Are nothing short of a dream

Making my past seem less painful
My heart seem less beaten

It reads like a love song
Flowing in perfect motion
Sung with Angelic grace

Your dream intoxicating bliss
I need nothing

More than this

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